How to make your book famous? for Indian Authors

how to make your book famous_ guide

Any author dreams of making things up in a way that he becomes the talk of the town. Well, she can also become the hottest topic of the town today – there are many shes in the world of writing – more than ever were. However, more than writing fiction, there are many other steps […]

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BETA Readers for your book

BETA readers are very essential for a book whether it’s fiction or non-fiction. We understand the needs of an author prior to looking for a publisher – BETA readers, editor, and cover designers. At BookBoys PR, we take care of these needs of an author. We have an association of literary enthusiasts who are professionally […]

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How to Get Goodreads Reviews?

How to get Goodreads Reviews

Dear author, have you finished writing a book? Your publisher might have told you that the book will be listed on Goodreads very soon. And then what? Will you see reviews automatically? Well, if you are a bestselling author already, readers might be waiting for your book and they will review it once they read. […]

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Book Review Websites in India

Book review websites in India

In India, the recent years have seen an unexpected boom in the writing industry. We have many authors who are trying their hands on writing for the first time and most of them go on becoming successful too. So, what does this indicate? What else than writing has boomed? Are there other opportunities that are […]

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Book Promotion Strategy by BookBoys PR that works for authors!

Are you an author_let's read this post on Book Promotion Strategy together

Book Promotions Strategy: How many of us actually work on this? We just get drawn to writing and then publishing and then pulling off the plug until we are shattered and down with the sales. Only then we realise, is there something like book promotions as well? What’s this? Is it even important? Should we […]

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Our Book Promotion Services & Strategies

The best way to promote your book hasn’t yet been found. However, we have found many ways to promote your book which make our campaigns the most successful and most connecting with the readers! If you are yet unsure, you must check our strategies which have helped many authors connect with their target readers and […]

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Promotional Campaigns: Works We Do

Book Promotion is a very important part of an author’s publishing venture. This is not the ancient age when it used to be a tough task getting a book published and publication used to guarantee sales. Things have changed with time and publication has become just that easy as it is to create a Facebook […]

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Amazon Book Reviews Change The Game!

Buy Amazon Book Reviews

Amazon Influencers are a great tool to persuade the end users about any product’s usefulness, trustworthiness, trend and purchases. Those who don’t know about influencer program must know that nothing sells these days without showing the consumers that the thing is being bought and used by people in large numbers. And to create this scenario, […]

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