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Writing a book is one task and getting it published another. However, the most essential, crucial and painstaking task related to the publishing venture is, undoubtedly, promotion of the published work or, in other words, communicating the message about the book to the audience. Authors, in most of the cases the debutants, are rather confused about this step and that’s why they tend to get lured by the tall (and surely misleading) promises made by the publishing companies concerning book publicity. One more thing that we need to keep in mind is that no publisher promises the authors the activities that will help them establish their brand as authors, writers of specific genres or writers associated with special causes. Author branding is a vital part of the overall campaign of book promotion – and most of the debutants often miss it. In this article, we will let the emerging authors know how can they ensure their books reach the target audience, and their image as authors also get conveyed, established and stored in the readers’ perception. Don’t worry; this is not something that authors need to worry about. We at BookBoys PR will take care of these activities for you! 

Readers should know the author: Yes, it matters! If readers know the author, the decision-making about the book becomes convenient, favourable and also quick. The real question is how can the readers know someone who has just written his or her very first book? The work towards making an image for the author can be initiated before the book is published. It can be done by getting oneself featured by bloggers, webmasters, literary websites, websites featuring books, authors & literature, literary news websites and more. The articles may talk about the author’s style of writing, book(s) about to be published, philosophy and vision of the author concerning writing, literature, the concerned genre of literature, audience and many more. BookBoys PR calls such a campaign author feature articles campaign. 

Official Author Website: When readers start looking for you on the web, you should already be prepared with an official website where readers can know more about you and also rely on the information they get. A professionally designed, genre-optimised, reader-oriented and cross-platform website will get the job done for the authors who are thinking about a powerful, assuring and active presence on the web. Our website development, SEO, genre-optimisation and many other website-related services will prove to be goal-oriented, beneficial in the long-term and instantly fruitful as well. 

Strengthening Social Media Presence: Even before looking for a publisher, a good and visionary author should start working on social media presence. Communicating to the readers about one’s book, ideas, characters, USP of the upcoming book, general ideas and views on literature keeps the readers and the author connected. It helps the readers know the thoughts of the author and does the same for the author – an author can know the opinions of his or her readers on various things, ideas and subjects. So, even before you start looking for a good publisher, you should start working on your social media presence. Don’t have enough time? Let us manage your social media presence and we will keep you ahead… active and your social space will always be engaging. 

Approaching Readers & Bloggers for Book Reviews: After writing a book, any author would like to get feedback, opinions, suggestions and critical remarks from general readers, regular reviewers, bloggers and acclaimed critics writing for top book review websites in India and highly active readers on Goodreads, Amazon and other platforms. Ideally, an author should start with at least 30 reviews (quickly) on Amazon, 50 reviews on Goodreads, a few reviews on literary platforms and blogs after the book is launched. The sooner these reviews appear the better the book’s presence becomes. We will get you these initial numbers as well as any number you require in a convenient, organic and beneficial way. You will get feedback that will enhance your writing, accelerate your creativity and also help your book reach many readers in a quick time. 

Indulging in Discussions & Initiating Conversations: As an author, anyone would like to indulge in direct discussions about the book and one’s writing with the readers. However, where should one start? How should one start? How to initiate a conversation? Our team of able communicators will create the space for you where you can interact with the readers who are interested in your book, the genre of your book or the theme that your book deals with. This will give a book much-needed exposure and recognition among readers. As an author, you can communicate your ideas and thoughts about the book you have written or the literature that you want to produce with the readers who want to know these things. We will create the space for you; we will find the audience for you; we will create the organic conversations for you.

These are the basic services that will ensure an author and his or her book reach the target audience emphatically. These activities are rendered by our able teams in a completely organic, implicit and professional manner ensuring that the readers offer their genuine, well-read and honest opinion about the book. Unlike a few individuals and groups of individuals who don’t care about the privacy of the authors and expose their name in the public, BookBoys PR assures the authors that their privacy will remain intact, the services will be delivered within the said period of time and there will be an organic impact of the same on the presence of the book and the author. 

You can rely on the expertise and experience that BookBoys PR has earned in our operations over the last 7 years (5 years as a group of enthusiastic young professionals and 2.5 years as a company). If you have written a book and want publicity for the same, you can contact us at [email protected] or call us at +91 9798108921 and we will assist you with a wide range of services. 


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