Top 10 Book Bloggers in India 2020 – List

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Top 10 Book Bloggers in 2020

Book Blogging is emerging as a very popular hobby among Indian youths in recent years. If I am not extending the argument beyond its stretching levels, then let me say it openly that Indian book market is the largest book market in the world and the ones who influence the buying choices of readers are also the ones who are mostly sought by the authors to help them with their books popularity, sales and recognition. Do you agree with me here? In short, book bloggers in India are the people who can become very important in the years to come when it comes to having an impact on the direction of the book market, probability of a title becoming the bestseller and the chances of an author becoming overnight fame. So, without doing much ado, here I am with a curated list of top 10 book bloggers in India in the year 2020. We are already mid-way into the year affected highly by coronavirus but the bloggers are still doing their job as usual – nothing can deter them from their mission to read and review the books. Are you ready for the list already? Here we go:

  1. Indian Book Critics: Whether you make a list of just 10 bloggers writing about books or you make a list of top 100 book bloggers in India, you have to have Indian Book Critics guys on the top of the list. Started somewhere around 2017, this blog has come up as the forerunner in terms of their book choices, their objectivity and their skills in bringing out the best and the worst of the literature they read. You can seldom find any tilt in their reviews. They can rate a book by an established author with 1/5 rating points with the reasons you will also agree and they can bring to light any book by a newcomer with a 4/5 rating because they think the newcomer deserves the rating because of his or her achievements. So, you can expect objectivity from them and also quality in their reviews. Link: Indian Book Critics
  2. The Last Critic: The Last Critic has emerged as one of the most rapidly emerging book blogger community in India with their speed of putting forth the reviews. Moreover, their selection of titles and their choices in terms of putting forth their opinions about the literature they review are wonderful as well. These guys are certainly on their way to becoming one of the best book review and literary content platform in the country, in the coming days. You should keep an eye on their progress and also on the style of their reviews. Bold and authentic, with firm facts and evidence, the reviews on this website ensure that The Last Critic is certainly one among the top book bloggers in India at the moment and that is why they are on number 2 on our list. Link:
  3. English Literature Education: Yes, this surprise entry on the list of well-performing book blogs surprised me as well. It may be surprising for anyone to see a proper English literature platform, writing mostly about English literature notes and other study materials, listed on the list that features book bloggers and book review platforms. However, the guys over there have done many things to achieve this success and you can only see them rising from here. It is easy to believe that the reviews by the bloggers on this platform are touching all the literary parameters that make a judgement valuable, authentic and also mature. To judge a book on the basis of all the values, literary, aesthetic, contemporary value and many others, the best critic would be those who have an understanding of the subject matter and graduates and postgraduates in English literature would be the best judges! Follow their website’s book reviews section and get the best book recommendations. Link:
  4. Ashvamegh Magazine: Though cold for some time, Ashvamegh has once again activated itself and is actively engaging in producing quality book reviews. You can search any random book and you will find that the reviewers at Ashvamegh have done their magic already by reviewing the book in the best possible way bringing the deads and the livings out of the box and delivering it in a well-presented manner to the readers who might be willing to read or skip the book. Ashvamegh is almost 6 and a half years old now and it is one of the most trusted and most liked English literature magazines in India. Go and read their book reviews section right now! Link:
  5. Alok Mishra’s Official Blog: One of the earliest literary entrepreneurs, Alok Mishra’s book reviews are known for objectivity, standard and class. He reviews all kinds of books and it may range from literary fiction, forever classics to contemporary jargon. However, be sure that you will get the best advice from him as far as reading choices are concerned. Unlike many leading book review websites in India, Alok also reviews academic books. You can follow his official website’s book reviews’ section to remain updated about the recent developments in the book industry in India. Link: Alok Mishra
  6. Active Reader Book Blog: Though the website started a little earlier than 2018, it has been on the rise since then. With a break in its operations for some time, the website has been doing well on the front of book reviews and literary opinion-making. You can follow Active Reader and read their well-drafted book reviews as well as literary articles that focus on the nuances of English fiction in India. They have channelised their operations and lifted the speedometer in recent months. Active Reader should be on your list if you are an author looking for book reviews by Indian bloggers. Link: Active Reader
  7. BookWorm Reviews: Doesn’t the name say too much about this bloggers’ community? Yes, it is a platform dedicated to all the book lovers who identify with books. The reviews posted by these guys are amazing, decorated with analysis and based on their objective reading of the book so that you cannot go beyond the periphery and make your decisions regarding the book wisely. However, a recent pause in their productivity has pushed them a little down on this list but I am sure they are there to bounce back with their hard work and continuous zeal for progress. ‘BookWorm Reviews’ is there to stay! Link: BookWorm Reviews
  8. Indian Book Lovers: This community of book bloggers and book critics has returned with a bang, with an updated user interface and a dedicated team of bloggers who are overexcited to write about the books and literature they engage with, Indian Book Lovers community has come up once again with a mission to change the ways Indian readers consume literature. Their reviews are based on the contemporary relevance of the books and also on the scale that how far the books can impact the readers urge for leisure, pleasure and recreation. You should actively follow these guys and their community and you will certainly get many new things out of the Indian book industry. If you are an author, you will certainly love the work they do. Link: Indian Book Lovers
  9. The Book Blog: With an unexpected hiatus in between, this platform has almost stopped producing book reviews for a while. There may be many reasons behind the absence of content production, The Book Blog is back now and they are once again actively indulged in the production of wonderful content that you can read and understand more about contemporary literature in India and also decode the writers and their works. Mostly coming from Indian Authors, the book reviews produced by The Book Blog are known for their authenticity and objectivity and therefore, you can rely on them for book recommendations and buying choices. Link: The Book Blog
  10. Intellectual Reader: Intellectual Readers were silent for a while or were not producing as much content as they were known for, the recent bounceback with a gothic design and a flow of content continually, this book blog is there to impress the readers, authors, as well as the publishers, and you should have them on your tracking list for sure. Intellectual Reader is a well-known name in the book bloggers community in India and you can read their reviews from the past or from the recent days and you will realise yourself why this blog matters very much. We are predicting that this platform will make further progress when we bring the list of book review platforms in India again, after a while in the near future. Link: Intellectual Reader


So, guys, this was our list for the day and we hope that you liked it. Whether you are an author or a reader or even a publisher, it doesn’t matter. What matters the most is that you are here to find out who are the best book reviewers in India right now and where can you find the recommendations for buying the best books by Indian authors or otherwise. And this list by us provides you with the same thing. We will keep bringing such lists in the future as well. You can follow each of the websites by clicking on the links provided next to the description, at the end.

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  • This is one of the finest articles I have witnessed on the internet that has explored the real picture of the book blogging. Thanks a lot for providing the list of best book blogging platforms. I have gone through some of the sites mentioned here and find it good and interesting. Especially Indian Book Critics and English Literature they are providing good reviews and literary content for the readers. A nice article I must say

  • Ashish Ranjan
    May 25, 2020 4:45 pm

    A nice informative article to let us know some of the best book blogging websites. I will surely check all of them.

  • Dr. Kamal Murdia
    July 13, 2021 5:30 am

    Excellent information.


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