About the Book Boys

Curious to know about us?

The Book Boys are here to change the way conventional book promotion activities and author branding are done. We are here for a change and that’s why we have changed ourselves. On BookBoys, you will find nothing which is traditional or old-fashioned. We work with authors and think their books as our opportunities to prove our branding and marketing skills. We work hard; we celebrate our success even harder. That’s how we roll – because we are the Book Boys!

The BookBoys as a company might be new but the Book Boys who are in the team are experienced players in the book industry. We have been doing book promotions and author branding for more than two years now and to our credit, we have several successful books which we have popularised over the years. We were the scattered players who are now playing in a team and we are sure of our strengths and abilities. Writing skills, management skills, persuasive campaigning skills, social media skills, strategic skills and all other skills which are required to be in the industry and also on the front, we have all that in plenty! And that’s why the authors and their publishers trust us. We strongly believe in result-oriented campaigns and making things happen the way we plan. Take a test ride and you will see it yourself.

For us, our success is nothing without your success. That’s why we do our utmost best for our clients and ensure their success first. The success of our clients is our only success and celebration! We keep thinking and implementing innovative ways of promotions and branding. The ultimate destination of all our endeavours is the success of the authors we work with. Many of them have already enjoyed their shares of success. Are you ready? Let’s take the joy ride with BookBoys promotion company and see your book climbing the stairs of success as you do side by side as an author. Feel how it feels like being too ahead in the competition and watching your competitors just trailing behind all the time.

In shot, what defines us? and our NAME!