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In this article, you will understand why is it important for the authors to have a website today. If you are a self-published author, it becomes even more essential to have a website because you need to give your readers a solid platform where they can interact with you and you can let them know about your schedule, events, upcoming books etc. So, read on!

Introduction to an author website: 

There was a time when word of mouth publicity used to do miracles in one’s life. Indeed, it still does. But, it has its own limitations. After all, how far a rocket made out of paper could reach? Think about it! Word of mouth publicity is like a shared house, where partners staying together share their likes and dislike with each other and with persons who are in their circle. And it’s the end of the chapter. Similarly, the pages which you create on social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and so on, are like a rented house. People may come, visit your pages, like, share and comment on your posts. Even though, you’re abiding by the rules and regulations and policies of others. These rules and regulations could be amended at any moment and you’re thrown into the pool of troubles. Whereas, a website is your own home on this outsized virtual world. Your own asset. Your permanent address. A place where your rules work. You are the boss! A place which you could adore the way you want – with words, colours, images, audio and video clips.

Importance of Website –

Whether you agree or not, it is a fully digital world now. Most of the people spend much of their time online looking for solutions to their needs. No matter they want to buy something, know something, travel somewhere, read some good books, articles or poems, they search the internet. So being a solution provider, it is imperative for you to be there and available for them. Like a detailed and comprehensive map that guides you to reach to the destination and ease your way (in spite of all the obstacles). Your website would too act as a map for the solution seekers. It would tell them everything about you, for instance, who you are, what you do, where you are and how they can reach you. To be frank, an author is a very essential part of author branding today!

Does an author need a website?

So many authors, especially in India, don’t have a website. They still rely on social media pages for their digital appearance and don’t feel the need of creating their own website? Is it even worth it? This question continues to hit the strong walls of their tiny head. I want to tell all those authors that no matter what kind of writer you are—a novelist, a non-fiction book writer, a freelance writer, or even a brand-new writer without a clue—you need a website. Why? Let’s understand this with a simple analogy – How long can you live in a shared or rented house and be bound by the rules of others? Whether it is a tiny house, a duplex or a bungalow, having an own house is necessary as it gives you a sense of ownership, security and freedom. Having a personalized website provides you with the same sense of feeling, boost your confidence and push you to engage with your audience by regularly publishing new blogs, articles, alerts, etc.

How a website does work for an author –

Unlike the website of a corporate, an e-commerce entity or any other service providers in that matter, an author’s website is not for the promotion and sale of products or services. It is much more than that. It is the digital appearance of the author in the virtual world. A face with which he is recognized by the readers and publishers across the world. It is a display of what an author thinks, feels and reacts to the ongoing issues. It is a platform from where he or she can address and communicate with the readers. Last but not the least, it is, regardless of geographic location, a fixed address of an author and an exhibition point of his or her creative works. In short, a website is a digital card of an author that contains something extra than a business card, something more than his or her social media profile.

It is also true that the author website neither takes your career from zero to hundred and make you a hero nor will able to sell millions of book copies for you. However, it still can do magic which you cannot even think of. So let me tell you, why it makes sense to have a website.

It’s important to tell people who you are –

The Internet is now the first place your audience or prospective publisher will turn to. Let’s consider this situation! If a reader, a reviewer or an agent finds out about your book on Amazon, Flipkart, Goodreads or any other platform and enjoys reading it, the next thing they probably will do is – look for your profile or website for details on the internet. What if an agent, after reading your work, wants to connect with you and he or she does not get sufficient information on the internet. What would they do? Where will they look for you? Amazon, Flipkart, Goodreads and in that matter your social media profile do not provide adequate information.

Whether you write fiction, non-fiction, poetry, children’s books, or magazine articles, it is substantial for you to roll your sleeves up and do tell people about you and your work. The effective medium for doing that is Website as it can help you get global reach as anyone can look for you from any place. And by the way, if you don’t have an effective presence on the internet, it is simply you don’t exist.

After all, it’s all about creating a brand –

Essentially for an author, your name is your brand, and for any brand, a website is requisite for effective promotion. It is in your hand how to make your brand attractive enough to pull the attention of the audience. It is like your CV that showcases your skill-set and a CV has to be impressive. By providing links of articles you have published, creating a video clip of your previous works, design a teaser of your upcoming book, testimonials from the readers as well as publishers, or recording an audio clip consisting gist or excerpts from the book(s) you can create a distinctive brand of you as an author on the virtual world. It is eventually a complete showcase of you as an author!

Additionally, you may think if a traditional publisher buys the rights of your work then you are free from the burden of marketing and promotion. However, this is not the case. Publisher’s budget may not allow them to promote and publicise your book. On the contrary, the traditional publisher shows their interest in an author who is already well established on the web as well as in the community. So in today’s world, it is crucial to have a website, rather a good, effective and engaging website. And the need for a website becomes far more important for the authors who opt to self-publish their work.

To reach out to your audience independently

An email list is a special list of names and email addresses of readers, agents, or publishers who gave you permission to send them updates. These are the people who are most likely interested in what you do and wish to regularly listen from you about your upcoming books, articles or other stuff you have in offering viz. signed copy of your books, bookmarks, mugs, t-shirts or any other merchandise.  On the flip side, this unique list also allows you to identify what your readers want from you. And as soon as you come up with a new idea, you can do research to discover whether your readers would be interested in. Also, through this list, you would be able to know their likings and preferences. Besides, the list gives you complete independence, in terms of communicating and addressing your audience, as it is not influenced by the decision of other businesses like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

So, everything in the above must have persuaded you that having a website makes many things way easier for you, as an author. Are you ready? You don’t need to know codes or complex backend stuff. BookBoys PR is right here with quality author website design services to ensure that you get your website, un and live, in just 7 working days! Our charges are also very competitive and you can get a website for yourself in just 4,000 RS. Contact us now and get your website live!

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