How to make your book famous? for Indian Authors

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Any author dreams of making things up in a way that he becomes the talk of the town. Well, she can also become the hottest topic of the town today – there are many shes in the world of writing – more than ever were. However, more than writing fiction, there are many other steps that an author needs to take these days in order to make one’s book a success. Writing a book and becoming famous has not remained very easy now. There are many authors; there are many books; there are many choices. Now, something that stands out is the only piece that sells. So, have you written something special? Learn how to make it stand out and get the results that you deserve.

An author website: Do you own an official author website? If yes, you are good. If not, you might not have taken writing seriously enough. You need to get a website soon. An author website serves as a platform with all the information related to the author available for the readers. It helps the readers understand someone’s writing, someone’s life and also the dates for scheduled events. Moreover, the official website also contains links to the best book reviews and author interviews. In short, it opens up an author in front of the readers. If you need help on it, just contact BookBoys PR and we will get your website up within 48 hours! ( write at [email protected] or call +91 9798108921 )

A great-looking Goodreads profile: Have you ever wondered what Goodreads can do? If you are an author, you must have spent some time on Goodreads just trying it out. To be frank, your presence on Goodreads tells many things about you. If an author has a profile that is properly designed, well-maintained, interactive and has a good number of followers, it serves the author’s identity a lot. An interactive profile means very simply that the author is being asked questions by the readers and critics and he or she is responding to them more often. Have you a well-maintained presence on Goodreads? If not, don’t wait long. Get in touch with us and we will ensure your Goodreads profile becomes active, one of the most-followed and amazing.

Getting reviews by leading book bloggers in India: Hasn’t it been a dream for every author who wants to make inroads among Indian readers? Book reviews by leading Indian book bloggers is a natural way to make sure that most of the readers in India know more and more about your book. You can try directly by approaching these bloggers or you can get in touch with us to get ‘certain and sure’ reviews on the websites and blogs of the most influential Indian book bloggers.

Generating a buzz: Have you ever thought if there were some ways to initiating a debate around your writing? Yes, it is very essential to get the readers talking about your book. You can try joining forums and discussion platforms and see what these platforms discuss. If the buzz is generated, selling a book becomes rather easier and even enjoyable to a great extent.

Other than these activities, there are many other activities that an author can do from person end. Moreover, if you want to know more about book promotion or get our concept-kings involved, do write to us at [email protected] and we will make sure your book gets famous!


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