Terms of Services

Please read this page very carefully. In the sections below, Company means BookBoys Promotions (OPC) Private Limited. Client means anyone who uses any of our various services. ‘Services’ means anything that we deliver to our clients in exchange for a fee. All our services are delivered digitally unless we specify otherwise.

Key Highlights

1.0: Once we agree on a strategy and start working, our association will start.
1.1: Wherever needed, our team will get in touch with approval and already-agreed approval will be considered green for the future course of action.
1.2: The association will continue for the period we have agreed or for the period the agreed campaign runs.
1.3: If the association requires monthly or weekly funding from the client’s side, advanced payment will be essential for the campaigns, promotional activities or management to run for the week or month.
1.4: All the monetary exchanges, unless specified, will be exclusive of tax as per the Indian laws and will be added to the main payment.
1.5: Once we start managing your social media profiles, we will take bulk approvals for the ideas, posts and graphics to be posted on your behalf. Once you agree, you will be responsible for the consequences (legal or otherwise), if any.
1.6: We don’t directly interfere in the interpretations or opinions that critics working for various platforms develop about you (the client) or your book (the product). However, we do have the policy where you can highlight certain points that we extend to the readers, critics and reviewers.


2.0: Services specify digitally delivered, rendered or completed campaigns in exchange for the payment that we receive from our clients.
2.1: Unless we specify, all our services are in the form of intellectual and creative actions – blog posts, articles, critically written pieces, video clips etc.
2.2: The company assures clients about the delivery of services. For example, if we receive payment for 10 articles (in any form), we will deliver 10 articles on the respective platforms.
2.3: The results, in terms of visible sales, is suggestive which cannot be exact. We receive payment for the services we deliver and the result, in terms of sales, is a byproduct which we don’t guarantee in any way.
2.4: In some cases, if we assure something in terms of positions on the internet, numbers on social media and another intellectual positioning, creative works and anything else, we assure of the delivery of the same.
2.5: We are not selling reviews on Amazon or Goodreads platform as services. We, as the company, just connect critical readers and your intellectual production and facilitate the process.
2.6: In any way, we don’t claim to bring you any number of sales unless we offer you the same as a service. We, as a company, only indulge in providing our clients with intellectual, digital and creative services.

Important Points

3.0: While some of the services are within our direct control and access, platforms like Amazon and Goodreads are third party platforms and we cannot control how things work there. Therefore, if there is an unfortunate error or trouble in delivering services because of the platform’s policies, a sudden change in terms or by any other means, we may be unable to get the services rendered within the time frame.
3.1: Reviews on blogs and literary platforms will be delivered within the specified campaign duration.
3.2: Our clients who get their websites designed by us will need to make the payments for hosting and domain renewal 10 days before the expiry of their domain and hosting validity for an uninterrupted experience and avoid any traffic loss.
3.3: All the payments made in exchange for the services we provide will have tax added to the amount as per the government rules.
3.4: We provide official invoice to our clients along with the optional Do Not Disclose agreement if they wish to keep their identity undisclosed and avoid being shown as our clients to our leads and other clients.
3.5: We do not have any money refund policy unless we are unable to deliver services because of lapses on our side. In such cases, we can change the nature of services. For instance, reviews on ‘this’ platform can be replaced by reviews on ‘that platform’.
3.6: We have the right to change these terms of services from time to time. We keep our clients informed whenever there are changes in our policies and terms.


Last edit: June 16, 2020