Book Review Websites in India

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Book review websites in India

In India, the recent years have seen an unexpected boom in the writing industry. We have many authors who are trying their hands on writing for the first time and most of them go on becoming successful too. So, what does this indicate? What else than writing has boomed? Are there other opportunities that are coming the people’s way? The answer is yes; fields like book blogging, ghostwriting, translations, digital marketing have emerged quite rapidly because writing, being an industry, is quite challenging and a writer has to be in the buzz to be able to sell his or her copies and that requires great efforts. To make that easier, they may hire professionals and experts to make things work and that’s what we at the BookBoys PR do! We have a chain of book bloggers and book review websites in India which can help the authors instantly bring their books into the limelight.

Book bloggers are the people who are constantly writing about books and authors and literature on their websites or blogs. They develop a reader base which is only interested in books and authors and literary topics and thus, they develop a platform which can instantly trigger a whirlwind of fame and open a gate to the different dimension of popularity for the authors on whose books they write their blogs – reviews, features etc.

BookBoys PR has a list of highly popular book review websites which have been extensively writing about books and authors in India. We will get your featured on those websites so that you can easily get connected to many reader bases who might be interested in your book and may have the copies as well once they like it. So, by getting your book reviewed by the influential book bloggers in India, you can be sure of increase in the sales and popularity level!

So, for an assured success in your writing career, you need to brand yourself and your book through the right digital channels. Let the BookBoys PR team handle this for you and we will bring to you a story of success in no time! We have been doing so for a year now and we have seen our clients winning the prestigious awards and making it to the bestsellers. So, you have the call to take – wait and watch or wait and watch a successful writing career unfold?

Some of the most influential platforms in India for book review are:

Indian Book Critics
Literature News
Book Reviews Lab
Featured Books
The Book Blog

and many others are on the list. We will make sure your book gets featured on all of these. Don’t wait in the queue; mail the BookBoys PR team now and see your book reaching the readers in the most organic ways.

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