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Book Promotions Strategy:
How many of us actually work on this? We just get drawn to writing and then publishing and then pulling off the plug until we are shattered and down with the sales. Only then we realise, is there something like book promotions as well? What’s this? Is it even important? Should we make some strategy for this? Well, by that time, it’s too late and we are off! Back to the cycle and we think that the second book will be a hit but that’s also a mistake to think unless we work towards book promotions and employ some good ideas which actually work.

Pre-Launch Phase:
Do the author work on their ideas before the launch of the book? In most of the cases, the answer is no. They are too busy thinking about their book and maybe the next book as well and the most important time in the terms of book promotions is wasted in thoughts rather than being invested in some action. Tragedy happens!

What can we do in pre-launch?
Well, authors, you don’t have to think much! We at BookBoys PR will do everything for you in the pre-launch to ensure that the target readers of your book are in the swing for the launch of your book. We will create awareness, anticipation, ground, recognition and momentum for your book with the help of teaser chapters, quotes, articles, pre-launch interviews, social media platforms and many other threads and discussion points. This will ensure that when your book is launched, the readers already have an idea of what’s inside your book and your target audience are ready to grab the copies. Want to know more? Click below and talk to us!

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Other than book anticipation build-up, you can also indulge in some branding for yourself as an author. BookBoys PR has been actively involved in generating the brand for authors for a year and more. We will ensure before the launching of your book that you are popular on the web as an author and readers are already connected with you through your website, social accounts and public posts. We generate author website; we handle social accounts; we manage posts and writing profiles and many other things for you to ensure you reach every potential reader who can be the buyer of your book.

Launch Phase:
What about a synchronised Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Web campaign for your book during the launch? As an author, you are at the launch of your book and these campaigns are shooting in a perfect harmony so that your target readers cannot escape the buzz – we are everywhere – Fb, Twitter, Insta and LinkedIn and all other major social channels. Other than the buzz, we will ensure that within 5 days of the launch, the reviews of the book are to be found on every major book, author and literature platform. You won’t miss a reader!

Other than these important things, we will also ensure that within the 5-10 days of the launch of your book, we make your pages on Amazon and Goodreads look beautiful with quality reviews from the readers so that new readers who come to purchase your book or read others’ opinion, get the thing they want to!

Post-launch Phase & Consolidation:
After the launch phase has passed, we work on retaining the readers who have connected with you. This includes keeping in touch, regular posts on social media, author updates, occasional events and many other things. BookBoys PR will do everything for you with full dedication, rest assured.

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