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Book Promotion is a very important part of an author’s publishing venture. This is not the ancient age when it used to be a tough task getting a book published and publication used to guarantee sales. Things have changed with time and publication has become just that easy as it is to create a Facebook account! Anyone with money can become an author and anyone can create a twitter account with ‘author’ in the box of occupation. However, not every author can sell his or her books if there is no support of a good book promotion agency. The rush of authors and the flood of books have made it tough even for the serious authors to reach to the readers. Book Boys PR has been established to bridge this very gap which has been generated between the readers and the authors.

How do we approach the promotional campaign?
At BookBoys, we develop personalised promotional campaigns for every project we have. We don’t use the same frame for every photo; we modify, add or subtract according to the needs and it makes our campaigns successful. We focus on getting more and more readers involved with the book as well as its author. The more awareness that we generate, the more sales we can extract from our campaigns.

What are the areas our campaigns cover?
Book Boys campaign over all the dominant areas which are beneficial for such purposes. We do web review campaigns; we do Facebook promotions; we do twitter promotions; we do Amazon campaigns; we do Goodreads campaigns; we do some special offline activities; we do everything possible and necessary which can be helpful in spreading about the book and making a brand for the author. Author interviews and author story writing are other features dedicated to author branding and many others follow. You can find the details in our services section.

What is our strength?
We have a chain of associated book review and literary websites which carry out our campaigns. Our book blogger strength is almost more than 100 which ensures that we are handy enough in executing long-term campaigns on the web. Trained and highly professional copywriters ensure that we do everything with extreme professional ethics. We have also with us the expert social media geeks as well as the social influencers for different tasks.

Are Book Boys PR services pocket-friendly?
Very much pocket-friendly! We will work with you if your budget is in lacs or even in hundreds. We mean business and good professional relations and that’s all! We strive for the best results of our clients and ensure they come back to us for further needs. If you are an author and looking for your book’s success, please use our services once. You will surely like what we do at BookBoys PR!

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