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Special Promotional Activities

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What's Special? These are: and more...

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Offline Activities for Book & Author Promotion

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Offline Activities

BooksBoy also offers specialised offline activities for book promotions and author branding services. These services are highly effective in creating a wave of recognition for the authors and also an affinity for their books among the readers who are serious about literature, and particularly, reading. For offline promotions, we have associations with various regional book clubs which run under India Book Club, our partner. In these book clubs, the members meet once in a month or twice in a month (as the regional norms are) and discuss the books and authors they have chosen for that meeting. With our associations, we offer them the copies of our client’s book and they decide a date for the discussion on the same. It comes back in a two-fold beneficial deal for us because every meeting under India Book Club comes up with a news-note which is posted on their website as well as on various social media channels. Thus, we gain for our clients online as well as offline promotional activities. Other offline activities contain looking for the book lovers who are on the educational campuses. We offer them free copies of the book and ask them to share it once they have finished reading. What it does is that this creates a chain and word of mouth is still the best method for promotions.

Other than these activities, if the authors want, we can also place their books in libraries which will create further chances for the popularity of the book among the readers who are serious about reading books. (Only serious people go to the library these days!)

Moreover, depending upon the budget and the will of the author towards promoting a book, BookBoys team will create a side-by-side strategy for offline promotions with customised activities and various methods.

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Book & Author Videos plus Visual Advertisements

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Videos & Visual Ads

If we say that a picture is worth a thousand words, then BookBoys asks – what worth does a video have? No answers? Don’t worry; we got your back. At BookBoys, we offer special promotional activities and videos for books and author marketing are a part of our special package. We develop stunning videos to serve as book trailers, book teasers and author’s introduction. These videos are optimised and can easily be shared on youtube, facebook or on any other platforms the authors may want to share. Videos will connect with the audience very fast compared to any other form of communication.

Other than videos, BookBoys promotions also come with visual advertisements. Visual advertisements are in the form of high-quality graphics created to promote the authors as well as their books. These images are placed on the websites of our associates at highly engaged areas – sidebars, headers, footers, content body and so on. To ensure the clicks, we make sure our designed images are attractive, exciting and visually appealing.

We are sure that these features will give an extra mile push to any book’s appearance on the web as well as a boost to the recognition of the author. BookBoys will leave no stone unturned to make these activities work the best of their abilities.