Goodreads Reviews Bundles

Show your book on Goodreads with style and class

30 Goodreads Reviews for INR 4,500

Come home to 30 highly engaging reviews for your book on the Goodreads platform to ensure that your readers always are influenced by the content of the book. We draft our reviews to ensure that we capture the essence of the book in the best lucrative way. Our reviews are enough lengthy to get the readers’ attention as well as influence them to go for the book. Prepared by our trained writers, these reviews will boost your book’s performance!

60 Goodreads Reviews for INR 8,000

We offer you 60 professional book reviews for your book listed on Goodreads in this package at a special discount of INR 1,000. Our reviews are designed and drafted with the strategic varying lengths as well as rating stars to ensure we look 100 percent authentic and reading the audience. You can trust the magic which our copywriters create for your book on Goodreads. We’ve done the same for many & now it’s your turn to highlight your book on Goodreads and stand apart.

100 Goodreads Reviews for INR 13,000

This is the best package that we offer for Goodreads. With this package that you get an offer of huge 2,000 Rs discount, we ensure your book’s presence on Goodreads is boosted as well as you get the visitors to your book transferred into the potential buyers! We will write 100 high-quality book reviews of varying lengths and ratings and post them according to the best possible timeline to ensure that the Goodreads community gets a positive nod towards your book. Our review writers are trained and specialised in their field. And that’s why we don’t make the reviews on your book look like fake robotic – we keep them varying from 1-5 ensuring that your book’s overall ratings remain between 4 to 5. We ensure you that this package will give your book an edge on Goodreads and you will see your book’s ratings and reviews being translated into sales. Grab the offer now!