An Overview of Our Services

  • The Philosophy

    We aim at creating an atmosphere that will let your book perform the best. Along with the popularity of the book, we also create your identity as an author so that the readers can interact with you, know your vision, and connect with your writings rather than just your book. Our services are rendered in a way that everything comes out entirely spontaneous, naturally and nothing looks like the ordinary PR exercise. Readers read reviews, articles, opinions and features about you and your book, written by other readers, critics and reviewers. PR is nowhere! It’s the author and the readers – we are just the bridge!

  • The Execution

    We believe in doing things in a timely manner. We create the strategy and we execute our campaigns according to the same. When we set-up a timeline of 30-days for a campaign to finish, it must be finished within 30-33 days (keeping in stock the extra 3-4 days to ensure flexibility of the campaign according to the response & results). We employ the best campaign designers, campaign managers and critics so that there is not even a single line of compromise in our execution. We offer the best experience to our authors throughout their association with us while doing our best in book promotions and author branding.

  • The Result

    Our job is to bring popularity for your book, establishing your identity as an author and telling the reasons why reading you would be good for them, or a better experience than other writers they might be reading. The most of it, as you see, rests upon your writing, your target audience, your vision and your goals. We will assist you in selecting the best possible target audience, picking the best-suited services and making the most out of our association. BookBoys Promotions has been delivering results, delivering it since our establishment. We are sure you will love the experience we bring for you with our book marketing and author PR services.

  • Take the Call

    What are you waiting for? BookBoys is the ONLY company in India that does PR exclusively for authors only (individual as well as through publishers). And, that emphasises on the fact that we are sure of what we are doing and authors are also sure of the results they are seeing. So, it’s your time to take the call and let us make your journey in the writing industry smoother, pleasant and also more than just satisfactory!

    FAME awaits YOU!